Shown in the photo above (left to right)  - Our newest member, Brad Erickson, Glenn Dodd, Michael LaFond, Harvey Simpson and Steve Meier.

August 2018 - Meeting Highlights

At this month's meeting we met at Highland Park Christian Church.
So we had a pretty small turn-out (a lot of folks on vacation and we changed the meeting location) - but those that showed up, learned a bunch of about our website.

Before the meeting, we enjoyed delicious sandwiches that Denise, Harvey Simpson's bride, crafted for us and a time of fellowship.

Michael LaFond opened our official meeting with prayer and a devotional explaining the difference between "occult or black" magic and the fun magic that we do as object lessons to proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.  For more information about this, check out the excellent article by Reverend Bob Hill.

After Michael shared his thoughts about Christians and Magic, Harvey then took us on a tour through our website and showed us the Member Only area and the Public area of our site.  A few observations...

1.  The Member Only area has a TON of resources for us to use...FOR FREE (It's a membership perk).

2.  You can ADD the LAFCM calendar to YOUR Google calendar with just the click of a button if you are already logged into your Google account.  Go to for the instructions on how to do this.

3.  We needed a "contact us" form and and a recognition that we are part of the international FCM organization on the Home page our site.  (Harvey has since added the "contact us" form).  

4.  We would LOVE to add your info to the "Hire a Christian Performer" part of the website.  If you are a member in good standing, send Harvey photo, short description and contact info for clients to book you.  Harvey's email is  Please put "LAFCM Performer List" in the subject of the email.  

After the website tour, we opened the meeting up to any questions.

​We discussed the upcoming Public Magic Show.  

Michael closed the meeting with prayer.

People that we prayed for (and you can too)...
Jim Chattham - going through heart problems again
Roy and Patty Baughman - Patty has a sinus infection
Brian Regalbuto - sick dog (yes, God cares about sick dogs, too!)

Oh yeah, and we also welcomed our newest member -  Brad Erickson!
Brad is a school teacher who teaches in Downey and lives in Fullerton.  He's also a Christian (duh!) and loves magic!  Welcome, Brad!


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